Massage Therapy

Therapy packages

$135 for 60 minutes.

$175 for 90 minutes.

Matthew Broudy

My philosophy is that a massage should feel good. The work should encourage a deep relaxation while maintaining therapeutic integrity. While some specific techniques might cause temporary discomfort, the overall experience of a massage should be relaxing and pleasurable. Each massage is different, but you can expect a combination of accupressure, deep tissue and Swedish with some light stretching and movement.

A little about my background. I first fell in love with massage as an undergraduate student in Japan. I had the opportunity while living in Kyoto of studying Tao Shiatsu with Ryoko Endo. Later I would travel to Thailand to study Thai Massage and Accupressure. In Thailand I lived and studied for several months with a Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A few years later I attended and graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage. At FLSM I began to synthesize western deep tissue massage with the acupressure and shiatsu I had learned in Asia. I have continued that work for the past 4 years as a licensed therapist.

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