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Peter Cirolia

Peter Cirolia brings to the health- fitness profession and ballet world education, experience and enthusiasm rarely seen in a fitness professional and ballet master.

Peter’s experience as a ballet dancer alongside the famed New York City Ballet helped develop an appreciation and intimate understanding of body mechanics, nutrition and peak achievement techniques which set him apart from his competitors as a fitness training pro. Performing on stage in productions choreographed by the immortal George Balanchine and studying under world renowned dancers like Mikhail Barishnakov, Peter Boal, Jack Soto and Elliot Feld has helped Peter to not only “study”, but personally master techniques for performing at peak levels. It is from this foundation that Peter shares information and innovations of unmatched quality and ability to transform.

Peter is a licensed personal trainer and health consultant through the International Sports Sciences Association and founder/ owner of Ballet Muscle a highly successful health-fitness studio and ballet school in Westchester, New York. Peter has partnered with an internist for eight years helping to wean patients off medicine through exercise. He is the intermediary between his clients and their doctors. Through his consulting, teaching and unique individual instruction, Peter Cirolia has helped individuals from all walks of life ranging from beginner to elite athlete achieve their individual health, nutritional and wellness goals. His exclusive instruction and programs are in high demand for providing lasting results through a unique system that is safe, interesting, and fun.

Katy Lowden

Katy Lowden was introduced to ballet when she was 8 years old. Elliot Feld, director and owner of Ballet Tech picked her out of hundreds of young children. Katy continued to study at Ballet Tech for 10 years. During those 10 years Katy performed at the Joyce Theater in New York City and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.



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